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What does F.A.V.A Stand for? 

F.AV.A, founded in January 2006, is on a mission to make a positive change in our community. Over the past decade, the Denver Metro area has witnessed an unfortunate increase in violent crimes, prompting concerned mothers and families who have personally experienced such acts to create F.A.V.A, which stands for Families Against Violent Acts.

At F.A.V.A, our goal is to EMPOWER FAMILIES and restore hope in their lives. We accomplish this by providing valuable resources and support to youth, parents, caregivers, and older adults. Our aim is to empower these individuals to reduce violence within their own families and build a strong support system within the community.

We are dedicated to promoting a fresh perspective on life by focusing on rebuilding, restoring, and reconciling family structures. F.A.V.A has expanded its services to cater to the WHOLE family, with the ultimate objective of putting an end to violence in our community. The success of our organization and our collaborative community partnerships will play a pivotal role in revitalizing the Denver metro area.

Our Mission and Vision

FAVA's vision is dedicated to healing and restoring the lives of families impacted by violent acts through proactive interventions and preventive measures. Our mission encompasses a wide range of critical issues, including but not limited to child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, gang violence, hate crimes, homicide, suicide, sexual assault, burglary, and robbery.

At FAVA, we specialize in providing support to families with children who can greatly benefit from our grief program. Your support as a donor can make a profound difference in the lives of these families as we strive to mend their hearts and offer hope and healing in the face of adversity. Join us in our mission to create safer, more resilient communities by empowering these families with the resources and support they need to overcome the challenges they face. Your contribution will help us make a lasting impact and bring positive change to those who need it most.

We Need Your Support Today!

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