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About F.A.V.A.

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F.AV.A is a non-profit organization, established in January of 2007, was developed to help bring about preventative methods to families that have been affected by a violent act. Within the past ten years, the Denver Metro area has experienced a surge in violent crimes.


This unfortunate act prompted mothers and families that have experienced a violent act in the past to establish the non-profit organization, F.A.V.A, Families Against Violent Acts.


FAVA’s mission is to EMPOWER FAMILIES with resources to aid in the restoration of hope within the lives of these families. We do this work by providing youth, parents, caregivers, and older adults the tools and support they need to reduce violence within their own families and create a loving support system within community. FAVA helps to promote a new and fresh perspective on life, through rebuilding, restoring, and reconciling the family structure. FAVA has expanded its services to better serve the WHOLE family with the goal of ending violence in our community. The success of our organization and community partnerships will help revitalize the Denver metro area. 

"The success of  Families Against Violent Acts
will help revitalize the communities of Denver."

Our Vision

The vision of FAVA is to aggressively seeking to mend the hearts of families affected by a violent act, by using methods of intervention and preventative measures.  This includes, but is not limited to acts of child abuse, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence, hate crimes, murder, suicide, sexual abuse, rape, burglary, and robbery.  


FAVA works with families that have children(s) that would benefit from our grief program.

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Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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