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Our Founder

Ms. Dianne Cooks

CEO - Executive Director

Driven by a deep passion, boundless love, and a visionary spirit, Dianne Cooks has become a cornerstone of the faith-based community in Montbello and the broader northeast Denver area. Her commitment shines brightly as she dedicates herself to serving families across the greater Metropolitan Denver area. Dianne's hands-on involvement in spearheading numerous community initiatives—spanning education, health, wellness, and beyond—has made a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Her dedication has not gone unnoticed, earning her a plethora of accolades and awards that speak volumes of her selfless service. But at the heart of her work lies a profound passion and a steadfast faith in God, which fuels her mission to make a significant impact, one family at a time.

In the words of Matthew 23:11, "The greatest among you will be your servant." Dianne Cooks embodies this scripture through her unwavering commitment to serving others, making her efforts not just commendable but truly inspirational. Join us in supporting her mission and help continue the ripple effect of her extraordinary impact in our community.

Awards and Accolades

• August 2007- Excellence in Leadership Award (from Pastors Leon & Yvonne Emerson.

• October 2008Peaceful International Conflict Resolution Award.


February 2009Bettye Emerson Award for educating youth and families.

• December 2011Kathy Hill Young Award for leadership in the community.

April 2012 - Di Holmes - Harambee Non Violence Organizational Award.

April 3rd 2013 - FAVA was invited to be a guest of President Barak Obama for his address on gun control at the
   Denver Police Academy.


October 2015Unsung Hero Award (from Steps to Success).

April 2016Strengthening the Families Communities Award (Denver Public Safety Youth Program).

2016 – Dianne Cooks was honor with two proclamations, one  from the Council of the City and County of Denver and
  the other Mayor Michael Hancock, proclaims June 25th 2016 to be known as Dianne Cooks and Families Against
  Violent Acts Day
for her committed service and dedication to the community.


December 2018 – Dianne retired from Denver Public Schools with 30 years serving as Family Liaison Specialist
   working with families.


•  February 28th 2019 she was honor as one of the "African American Who Makes a Difference"
   by the Denver Urban Spectrum Rosalind Harris.

• 2021 Mayor's Diversity & Inclusion Award

• 2023 Adams Purpose Community Advocate Hope Award 

• 2023 The Nxt Chapter lifetime Achievement Award

• 2033 Hiawatha Davis Lifetime Achievement Award

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